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  • One of the leading and most integrated palm oil companies in Indonesia

  • Continuously growing, as of May 2020 we have around 34,000 ha of planted areas

  • Nurturing the relationship between the trinity of man, earth, and our maker

  • Shaping a strong relationship with local communities and all parties involved

  • We strongly believe in holistic and sustainable business practices

  • Empowering people for a better future


More than a decade of experience, supported by local communities and a team of experts.

Since our establishment in 2008, we strive to maintain a strong and harmonious relationship with the local communities. Our team of experts are fully committed to maintaining their high standards of honesty, discipline, and responsibility in every task. We are consistently finding ways to deliver the best crude palm oil (CPO) and its derivatives.

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An integrated company with long-term efficiency and productivity

Sustainability-driven to build a better tomorrow

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